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The West 7th street Frat House


On West 7th street there exists a Mansion turned Frat House. The Year was 1961; the brothers were holding their annual Halloween Party caught up in the frivolity of the moment no one noticed the silent brother at first. As the evening progressed one by one each present felt the gaze of the stranger, dressed in a turn of the century preacher costume, black suit coat and trousers, white shirt and a black wide rimed felt hat shadowing his pale gaunt features.

He did not eat or drink, neither did he speak to anyone as he stealthily moved from room to room reminiscent of a wild animal stalking prey. The partying began to subside, as some of the partiers grew more and more uneasy murmuring to one another of the stranger. At last some of the seniors came to the stranger, informing him that this was a private party and he was trespassing, He glared and in a wheezing whisper he responded, ” No, It is you who “ Turning slowly he walked through the oak archway into the forayer and out the open front door.

The brothers quickly dismissed the incident as a prank by a rival fraternity, but in the months and years to follow they were to grow unsure of this conviction.

December 31 1961, 3 a.m. A sophomore sleeping in the second floor master suite awoke to see a distinct figure standing at the front of his bed, a black wide rimed hat shadowing his features. The boy fled from the room in terror, moments later the student returned with several of his fraternity brothers to find no sign of the intruder. The French doors to the balcony however were open. The snow continued to silently fall out side on the balcony, but there were no footprints left in the snow.

October 30 1969, A junior was studying. He was alone in the house; all the others went to play basketball. At about 9:30 the breathing began, followed by the footsteps. At first they seemed to come from the attic, thinking a few of his frat brothers had stayed behind he ran up the two flights of stairs leading to the large dormitory style bed room on the third floor of the house. He opened the door no one was there. He looked about the room and wondered when the residents of the attic had managed to get the dorm room widow open; it had been swollen shut for years. As he stood there once again he heard the footsteps and the breathing, now it came from the master suite one floor beneath him. This time he did not run, he cautiously crept downward reaching the second floor hall. He peered through the doorway. The door to the master suite was shut, a light shown through a crack at the bottom. And again the breathing or was it the wind? Someone or something was whispering, “It is you who trespass.” Convinced this was a prank the young man ran down the hall and opened the door. There was no one there.

Through out the years “The Wheezer” as the fraternity has named him continues to make his presence know. To date he has hurt no one, but he does seem none to pleased with the notions of others being where he once belonged.

To this day, the haunting continues. All attempts to rid the house of this spirit have failed.

This house is no longer a fraternity house now and is a regular residence.

Find him, if you dare.