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I know, you've all heard this one or one like it before.

Have you ever taken a trip between Waterford and Edinboro, a picturesque trip during the day? Well if you've one of the many that have, maybe you one of those that have experienced this Erie Legend.

The Vanishing hitchhiker


The first incident this story was reported was in 1925. George English and his wife Lillian were making their way back to Waterford from a party with friends in Edinboro. The young couple was alert and in good spirits when they turned the corner at Phelps corners off what is now route 86. As they made their way toward Waterford through the dark fall night the headlight shimmered on something ahead. Lillian noticed it first, a young woman wearing a white wedding gown. George slowed and stops the car. She had a confused and lost look on her face, George asked he they could help. The woman gave them an address in Waterford and said no more.

As they help the young girl into the back seat then closed the door and continued on their way. Lillian tried small talk, but to no avail. The young woman sat mute looking pale and lost. As the car neared the address, George turned and asks if this was the place. Lillian let out a scream the back seat was EMPTY! The address she had given was one of the finer older houses near the park near the center of Waterford. When questioned the owner recognized the description of the young girl as his fiancÚ who was killed on their wedding night in a horrible car accident near Phelps corners just off route 86, exactly at the spot where George and Lillian saw her.

The young lady still appears to travelers, the last sighting was just a few years ago. Local authorities have investigated the reports again and again. Over the years no less the 2 dozen times does the girl appear to travelers and disappear before arriving at her destination. The reports are there in police files from Waterford, Edinboro, and State agencies look it up.

Or maybe you'd like to make the trip from Edinboro to Waterford on route 89, maybe you'll find her your self.