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The Gudgeonville Bridge

This Legend is more than just another ghost story, for some its real.


Lets take a Trip to west Erie County just south of Fairview to Elk creek. There along the banks the stream meanders peacefully through a Gorge. As the hill steepness and curves you see a vision out of The past a covered bridge, Rickety and overborne, timbers of Undeterminable age. The rut of wagon wheel and car tires, well Worn into its floorboards.


The Gudgeonville Bridge. Built in 1868 between Beckman and Francis Road in a valley over looking a gorge known as Devilís Punch Bowl. It is said at night when conditions are right; the Babbling of elk creek keeps a constant groan, accompanied by the Rustling of leaves, and the twinkle of moonlight are barely visible On the top of the ancient bridge.


But listen Carefully and youíll hear another sound. The sound of hoof Beat echoing through the woods closer coming your way. Soon on The wooden floor of the bridge you can hear it. A horseman riding At a frantic pace, you hear it come closer to you. Out of the darkness you see a black Morgan Horse, a touch of white on its nose, and itís eyes glowing with a Demonic glare. astride the form of a man. You look and the Horseman has no Head!


Laugh if you will but this has Been reported as far back as 1900, over and over again. Over the Years not just one or two sightings, but dozens all with the same Story. The frantic hoof beats, glowing red eyes of the steed, and a headless horseman that vanishes into night.

Another version of this tale, is about a man on his way to Meadville from Fairview. Some one must have given him wrong direction for him to end up going down this old road. When his mule stopped on the covered bridge, supposedly spooked from the music played on a barge passing underneath the bridge. The mule refused to move and some say it died of a heart attack right there on the spot. Others however say the man picked up a stick and began to beat the mule to death. The man walked home to get a horse and cart to carry the carcass of the mule home. The next day the muleís body was gone without a trace. They say you can still hear the screams of the mule in Gorge, as it is beaten to death.