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The Creature on Presque Isle


This story comes form testimony given to police and U.S. Air Force investigators

The year 1966 summer on Presque Isle beach 6, Betty Clem and some friends from Jamestown, New York. As night began to fall Betty and family started packing for the trip back home. Most of the other visitors have left Presque Isle. As the Family began to back the car out of the sandy shoulder it became stuck, no amount of pushing could move it. Gerald La Bell and Douglas Tidbits two of Betty's friend left to get help leavening Betty and her friend Anita alone with Anita's young daughters. When La Bell and Tidbits returned with police the girls were screaming hysterically. This is what happened.


They told of a bright light that shot across the night sky and landed 300 yards away on a dark and deserted beach 6. As Betty and the girls huddled together silence settled around the car, and suddenly the light came back into sight moving toward the car, it came strait down and the car shuddered violently then suddenly.... Silence. The women huddled together unsure of what was happening. And then from out of their worst nightmares it happened, there was something out side the car. Betty locked the doors what ever it was it was scratching on the roof of the car trying to get in. The girls had crouched on the floor too frightened to move. After a few moment Betty got up the courage to look out and there it was standing only a few feet away was a large upright gorilla shaped form about 6 feet tall.


When help finally arrived the creature had left, the girls were hysterical. The police helped free the stuck vehicle and clamed the girls down. In the light of day the next morning the police found unusual prints leading to the spot to where the car had been, and more leading to the water. The footprint had unusual shapes some were arranged in triangular patterns. The imprints ranged in form from conical to diamond shape to shapeless a few were track at 6 to 8 feet intervals in nearly a strait line to where the creature was seen and some had claws, but that’s not all. The car roof had been scratched and dented and an unidentified clear liquid was found at the site and collected for study. Authorities reported they received 8 other calls that night about a saucer shaped object hovering in the sky between 8p.m. and midnight, these sighting triggered an investigation by the U.S. Air Force.


After a lengthy study by Air Force officials the clear liquid was found to not be radioactive and contained traces of urine. Betty Clem and her friend had stuck to their stories despite grueling questioning, U.S. Air Force Officials could not explain what had happened and could find not evidence to substantiate the claims. However the late chief of police Dan Descaneo who help the girls that night said, "I am convinced the girls saw something!"


What did they see that night?

Could it return?

Or is it still out There?