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AXE Murder Hollow

In a small wooded area just off of Sterrettania Road in Millcreek . A quiet area at day, but at night, who knows what's creeping around the back woods.

Our story begins many years ago at an old farmhouse, the scene of a brutal murder. Where a young mother and her children hacked to death in their own home by her husband, in a jealous rage over alleged attentions paid from the wife to a farm hand.

A few years later

During the autumn rain as often the case in Erie, A young couple was driving down a narrow road in Millcreek. The car began to slide in the mud and became stuck, the young man got out to go for help telling the woman to stay in the car and lock the doors until he returned. She felt a little uneasy but not overly alarmed. The rain continued pattering on the car drowning out other noises out side the car, sometimes raining so gently she could hear every branch twist in the wind and every twig snap.

Then she heard a noise, unable to see anything in the dark she believed it to be some animals fighting or a night owl struggling with its prey. Then she heard a gurgling sickly sound over the sound of rain on the roof. She drops to the floor terrified to move. Then light flooded the car and she heard a stern but not unsympathetic voice told her, “Get Out.”>

As she unlocked the door and got out of the car, she looked around in the pouring rain and she screamed in terror. The light shown on what was sung in front of her, her boy friend hung by his ankles his throat slit. She ran screaming help me for the figure holding the light; his free arm extended to her His Axe glistening in the rain.

The legend lives on; the story didn't die that night. The Hollow is still there, now there are more homes near by. Just ask any long time resident of Erie they'll show you where it is.

Maybe they'll even take you there.